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Bill Kesler

Bill Kesler

North Platte, NE


Interested in photography since my high school years in the late 60ís, I finally purchased a Nikon SLR in the late 70ís and wasnít long until I started selling my work.

In 1970 I began my electrical career and continued to mix photography into my daily travels. With my successful electrical career coming to a close with retirement in mind, I wonít be one of those persons that retire and wonder what they will do with the rest of their lives. I am sure that I will stay very active with my photography.

Photography has blessed me in so many ways, and I continue to be in awe of Godís wonderful work with this beautiful world we live in.

In 1967 country musicís Song of the Year was ďItís Such A Pretty World TodayĒ, performed by the talented Wynn Stewart. That song has always had a place in my heart. If you are familiar with Wynn Stewart and his work Iím sure you will agree Ė if not, you might want to research his work, easily found on YouTube or Amazon to mention a few.

So what does this classic song have to do with my photography, well, like the title implies, itís such a pretty world today!

Blessed with the journey, blessed with the insight, driven for the simple rewards that photography means to me, you might say that ďI Live for ThisĒ, and you would be 100% correct.


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